La Meta Ristopizza




Web site realization
Seo Positioning
Photo shooting

Seregno (MB)

Project Briefing

Meta Ristopizza is a restaurant in Seregno, offering traditional and gourmet pizzas made with top-quality ingredients.

Starting with an awareness of the importance of a website in the restaurant business, our goal was to create a website that reflected the essence of the restaurant.


Communicating the essence and philosophy of the restaurant

The website serves as a channel to provide clear and detailed information about the products, menu, promotions, and services offered by La Meta Ristopizza, as well as its essence and philosophy.

In this regard, the project included the creation of a modern, intuitive and responsive website in line with the venue’s image.

In addition, we took care of optimizing the website for search engines in order to increase the online visibility of the restaurant. We, therefore, conducted keyword research relevant to the restaurant industry to strategically integrate them into the content of the website.

Finally, we organized a professional photo shoot to capture high-quality images of the dishes and create an eye-catching visual portfolio.

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