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Project Briefing

Best Service is a highly specialized cleaning company that offers a wide range of cleaning services to meet the needs of its customers.

For Best Service, we were responsible for creating a modern, intuitive and responsive website. The website was designed with the goal of providing an online platform that would allow users to learn about the services offered, obtain quotes, book services, and contact the company quickly and easily.

Through the creation of the website, the implementation of SEO ranking strategies, and the creation of Google My Business, the overall goal of the project brief was to ensure solid and effective online visibility for our client.

Best Service

Increased online visibility for Best Service

With the goal of increasing our client’s online visibility, we created a website with an attractive design consistent with Best Service’s image, an intuitive structure, and user-friendly navigation to enhance the user experience.
In addition, we have included sections dedicated to the presentation of services offered, with detailed information and relevant pictures, the quote request form to enable users to submit their requests, and the contact page to facilitate communication.

Second, we implemented a search engine optimization (SEO) ranking strategy to improve the visibility of Best Service’s website on search engines. The goal was to achieve a high and prominent position in the search results pages for relevant keywords.

Finally, we were responsible for creating and managing a Google My Business account for the cleaning company. This platform allows the business to be presented on Google Maps and local search results, offering detailed information about the business, opening hours, customer reviews and more.

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Best Service

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